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Are you having an issue with fire retardant and your Fire Marshall?

Are you wondering how your drapery, theater curtains, or other fabric coverings can comply with fire safety regulations?

I am a CA Certified Fire Retardant Applicator and have experience helping dozens of businesses such as theaters, hotels, restaurants and schools comply with CA Fire Safety Regulations.

Call Clean Drapes on Site at 510 507-4737 to discuss your fire safety issue. I’ll help you find a solution that meets fire safety regulations.

Fire Retardants

FAQ on Flame Retardant and Certificates of Flame Resistance

What needs Flame Retardant?
All draperies and wood in public areas like hotels, theaters, schools, meeting halls, and restaurants. These decorative materials include theatrical drapes, window coverings, window treatments, loose hanging fabric, banners, and scenery. All must have a certificate of flame resistance and be tagged by a certified applicator.

Photos of the interior of Hawaii BBQ in Castro Valley showing lots of wood panel, wood tables, and more.
Clean Drapes on Site treated the wood interior with fire retardants in this Hawaiian BBQ in Castro Valley.

Will my curtains have to come down?
No. We prefer not to remove the drapes. Our technicians are trained to clean and flame-retard drapes and backdrops while they are still hanging. This requires less work from us and less time from you.

How long will the room be unusable?
On average, a cleaning and flame retardant application will only take a few hours. The drapes will dry overnight and be ready for use first thing in the morning. However, larger jobs in colleges or theaters may take a few days. Nevertheless, in most cases, the drapes will be useable within 24 hours of application.

Can you do anything about holes or tears?
Yes. In most cases Clean Drapes on Site can sew any holes, tears, and repair hems. This is done on site prior to cleaning and or flame retardant application.

Clean Drapes on Site treated the wood interior in this upscale Mexican restaurant in Berkeley.

Is the flame retardant toxic or harmful?
At Clean Drapes on Site we prefer Firetect products. For drapes, we use FirePoof which was made to protect Disney costumes and property. Firetect and FirePoof products are both non-toxic and contains no VOC’s. They are virtually odorless, colorless, and dry quickly.

Our drapes were treated 5 years ago. Are they still in compliance?
Dirt, moisture, or other coating and atmospheric conditions can deteriorate the flame retardant. Sometimes even “IFR” (inherently flame retardant) fabrics need to be re-treated.

The fire code says that it is up to the owner of the drapes to maintain the flame retardant. Fire code requires treatment every 10 years. We recommend testing every 5-7 years. Call Clean Drapes on Site at 510 507-4737 to request a Free Flame Test and Analysis of your draperies for your facilities.

Additional FAQ on Fire Retardant Applications for Fabrics such as Drapery

What fibers are very flammable and should be avoided when choosing a fabric?
Nylon, Acetate and Acrylic

When is flame-retardant required?
Commercial occupancies of 10 people or more must be flame retarded, tagged and a Certificate of Flame Retardant must be issued by a CA Certified Applicator like Clean Drapes on Site. This also applies to tents installed for a private party and banquet facilities in hotels for private parties.

Do table clothes require flame retardant?
This is up to the Fire Authority.

What about furniture?
In California commercial furniture must comply with Cal 117 (component test) and TB-133 (composite test). In a commercial building, furniture that seats more than 10 people should comply with TB-133.

What code must my decorative textiles comply with?
NFPA 701 and if installing in California, CA Title 19 1237

What code must decorative wood comply with?
ASTM E84, CA Title 19

How long does the flame retardant last and what is the warranty?
We recommend dry cleaning only and the product is water soluble, so it is up to the owner to maintain the flame resistance of the drape and to maintain compliance.

What is IFR?
IFR textiles are supposed to be inherent and should maintain the flame resistance for the life of the fabric, but many things can change the flame-spread and many times, we must re-treat, “IFR fabric”.

Can anyone apply flame retardant?
In California, only a Licensed, Certified Applicator, such as Clean Drapes on Site, can apply a flame retardant product that is certified by the CA State Fire Marshal.

Can I save money by purchasing my own fabric and sending it to Clean Drapes On-Site for the addition of flame retardant?
Yes, especially for a temporary install for a party and decorating with fabric; such as a wedding or creating a theme (such as an ocean theme and tie dying the fabric). You can save dollars by purchasing the correct fabric yourself (usually polyester) and working with Clean Drapes On-Site to flame retard your fabric prior to sewing.

Will the flame retardant change the hand of the fabric?
Usually there is no change in the hand or color of the fabric, but you can send it to Clean Drapes On-Site to test prior to purchasing to have it tested at no charge.

Is the flame retardant toxic or is there a smell?
No, not at all. The Firetect brand products we use are both non-toxic and contains no VOC’s. They are virtually odorless, colorless, and dry quickly.

What is the lead time?
Please call Clean Drapes on Site at 510 507-4737 for more information and scheduling. Our availability varies depending on the time of year

Approximately how much is flame retarding if the material is fabricated and hanging?
Pricing is usually quoted by the square foot. We’ll visit your location and provide you a quote before starting the project.

Can you apply the flame retardant when people are around?
Yes, you can. We work 24/7 to accommodate the customer’s hours of operation, or we can arrive after hours.

When renting drape, what should the rental company provide me?
Each drape should be properly tagged, and the rental company should supply to you a valid CA Certificate of Flame Resistance.

Call Harry Pruyn, CA Certified Fire Retardant Applicator, Owner of Clean Drapes on Site at 510 507-4737.

When you call, I’ll ask you several questions about your drapery, theater curtains, fire retardant needs and any compliance issues. Then I’ll visit your location, to provide a quote. I’m here to help you find a safe solution that complies with fire retardant regulations.

If you have an emergency compliance issue, it might be possible to schedule the quote and work on the same day. It all depends on what projects are already scheduled.